What Are the Wishes of a Terminally Ill Patient

Josaab Foundation “Hospice Egypt” project is a pioneer in supporting and serving the terminally-ill patients. As there is no cure for their health condition, it is medically recommended for these patients to receive palliative care which relieves their pain and improves their quality of life

The patient at this stage is marginalized, socially isolated and suffering from pain and fear of death

Talking about the wishes of the terminal patient is very difficult as this varies widely between different patients. However, most of wishes are very simple, and not difficult as some people might expect them to be.  These are some of the wishes told to the Hospice Egypt team by patients with terminal illness

I want to see my children playing in a garden

A simple wish for many people, but an extremely valuable wish for the patient

I wish I can drink cold water in this hot weather

The patient had no refrigerator. To drink cold water she’d have to call her son in another apartment floor to bring her some

I want to finish my legal papers to end all pending issues for my children

When a patient has young children,  he/she wants to be reassured that they will be looked after

I want to visit – a specific place

This wish is repeatedly told to the Hospice Egypt team by patients. The place  patients usually wish to visit maybe the sea, their old home, or a spiritual place

The Hospice Egypt team helps patients fulfill their needs and wishes. Volunteers are especially critical to effectively realizing the patients’ wishes; through very simple acts, they can preserve dignity and bring happiness to a patient in his/her final days


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