What is the Stationary Hospice

The Stationary hospice is a well-equipped place to receive the terminally-ill patients, who have no one to care for, or to relieve the stress of their families for a particular period. The stationary hospice will provide the same services as the mobile hospice by supporting the terminal patients socially, psychologically, medically (pain management) and offer nursing support whenever needed through a trained multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, psychologists, and volunteers

The stationary hospice is not a hospital neither a senior citizen home; the stationary hospice is a familiar place with gardens, private rooms looking at green areas, living room, and kitchen to create the homey atmosphere where the patient can practice his/her daily life activities such as eating and watching TV. The patient is free to decide whether to spend time with others or stay alone in his/her private room

The stationary hospice aims at providing comfort and dignity for the terminal patient by fulfilling his/her needs and wishes in his last days, also, it allows space for relatives to spend time with the patient

The stationary hospice is a new service that will be added by Josaab Foundation “Hospice Egypt” project, with the continuation of the mobile hospice services, which is considered a cornerstone of the Hospice Egypt mission in the community. The stationary hospice is a complementary not an alternative for the mobile hospice

The difference between Stationary Hospice, Hospital, and Senior Citizen Home




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